Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lindsey's House & Pay it Forward Gifts Arrived

A trip to Lindsey & Steven's house
Pay it forward Gifts arrived...

We had been invited to Lindsey's house after the shower on Monday.
Driving the back roads from the school where she teaches and of course
Bagel Meister ~ old town section of Douglasville.
I must make it a priority at sometime to junk in this area ~ Do all of Hwy 92
in all those quaint little towns.

We arrived ~ having been here before just forgetting to take pictures I actually remembered
this time. After securing her job as a Teacher at Douglas County High School ~ getting engaged while Steven was finishing his degree at Southern Poly.
They decided to begin house hunting.
In Dallas (a long way from home) Lindsey found a great quaint home ~ a foreclosure that needed much TLC. Wishing for before & after photos I just made the most of the after
photos on Monday. The grass, shrubs were as tall as me. Now, the finished outside projects.
Inside, much the same ~ much progress has been made. Owning a home ~ there will always be something to do.

The girls ~ Bailey & Carson greeted us at the gate. I know they enjoy the big fenced back yard that backs up to a Nature Preserve. Not far from the Silver Comet Trail they enjoy walks there too. Carson has the prettiest blue eyes ~ the youngest of our Grand Dogs~!
Bailey the boxer ~ she was first and has the cutest personality.
Her whole back shakes when she sees us now.

Being the favorite picture in their family room ~ I had to share it with you.
Black and White street scene with only a hand tinted red bicycle.
Gosh, I wish I were there this morning. I imagine that I left the bike in the pursuit
of treasures... junkers always think like that.

They have really worked in their darling home. Once bright carpets & even brighter walls ~
the kitchen includes stainless, white cabinets & beautiful wood floors. Nannie was so impressed with all they have accomplished in such a short time. All they need
now is a shopping trip to the village ~ fill this pretty picture frame to the gills. You know that I look forward to that day ~ loving treasures. That is all that's needed now.
Perhaps after the wedding when there is more time. For now, so very proud of their project ~ a new home.

Looks as though Carson does plenty of digging in the yard.
She isn't suppose to be the color of red clay.
They have a wonderful deck with a nice grill for the summer months ahead.

A Mother's Day frame with 4 pretty pictures. I will treasure this keepsake.
I need to get busy finding the perfect place.
Loved getting this on our visit.
I think the lower right picture will be the announcement for our paper

of their upcoming July wedding.

Loved every second of our visit. They have done so much ~ busy bee's.
Like her Mom ~ Lindsey gets on a mission ~ I'm sure Steven has filled his days with
work on their home. Probably even while Lindsey teaches.

A Harley too... Steven has his license to ride. Don't think Lindsey has been for a ride yet.
But, I'm sure that will happen soon.

The Pay It Forward gifts arrived.

So glad that Jacque, Dari and Kris liked their gifts.
A crafter ~ not really... So, I made a special binder for each. Something that I did
with the Crafty Chicks for myself a while ago that I use every day. An inventory book,
a notes book, a calendar ~pricing supplies & even post its to remember ~ I hope they will enjoy having them as much as I enjoy using mine. One more gift from the Pay It Forward to complete ~ something different for Whimsy... I'll share when it's finished. Or, maybe she will.
Jacque has already shared hers ~

Dari has too ~

Kris will have hers on later in the week.

Grateful ~ A Special Daughter with her fiance in their home.
Blog Friends to share a little swag with.

~one vintage hag

a second post today... well maybe.
the camera and I will be heading to the village this morning.


  1. Debbie, I am sitting here admiring my WONDERFUL notebook. I have alot of filing that can be organized in it and it will look so good on my desk! I can't wait to "show it off" to my family, who are coming on the 4th of July for our family reunion. The notebook is only one of three things that I have ever won. I really do like it--don't say that you aren't a good crafter because my notebook couldn't have been designed any better--you "pegged" me with the design!! You daughters house is beautiful. I know you are enjoying the showers and the wedding preparations because that is just what mother's do. Thanks for sharing that part of your life with your blog readers and thanks a million for my notebook!

  2. I am so happy for all of you! Life is wonderful!

  3. Mow you know I have Gracie the Boxer and Bailey the Lab, They are my little blessings! Janna