Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One "hags" staycation, rAiNy dAy and of course, County Living Fair this weekend in Atlanta. YAY!

Deciding that I needed some extra time to prepare necessities for the shop spaces with the upcoming holidays right around the corner. I planned this week as a "staycation" - at home (thanks to the participation of my family for remaining healthy and out of any hospital beds...) I've done just that. Now, Mr. Hag will tell you that "staycations" equal messes of glitter, mica, paint everywhere and unnecessary piles of what looks like Santa's Vintage Sleigh crashed into our small abodes walls.

Never mind that. It has been a very productive week of cleaning, pricing, packing, organizing and redoing. I cherish time spent at home doing anything but especially playing with chippy peely crusty rusty old things with a holiday flair.

Today's rain (which we need badly I must admit) meant a bit of gear changing for the "to do" list which is okay.

"Mr. Hag" ask prior to leaving for work if that meant that we'd have a few less "mounds of snow" when he arrived home since I'm truly doing all things inside today. I seldom make quite the messes that I seem to have made this week getting everything together at once but then it will be finished and ready for shop filling. He should be used to being married to a "junker" after all these years, right?

Complete and off the list include the mica pine cones, glitter snowballs (brrr...), painted & gussied up picture frames & great big vintage mirror. Lights on trees. A few surprises with old glitz and bling (very proud of these little secrets). 8 bins full of mostly old holiday charm. A few necessary errands for supplies. I love time spent in productive fashion. Now, let me assure you there is plenty more to do but very pleased with where I am on that list. Even baked the "Mr." a homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing.

I've discovered that Sebastian and Sadie live the life! If anything happens to land in one of their favorite cozy napping spots they act a bit miffed. Spoiled rotten that's what they are. Curious too, not a bag or box comes out that their noses aren't in as they are convinced I've hidden something they need somewhere in the mica. Today, they will get new chewies to keep them busy and entertained.

Before returning to the Village on Saturday we have both children here for dinner and a sleepover Friday night. Excited to say the least. It's been a while since we had both here at the same time. They've grown up - become teachers and varsity volleyball coaches. Enlisted in the Army to defend our country so busy they stay and although we talk almost everyday- having them here for an entire evening will be the ultimate treat!

The Country Living Fair returns to Atlanta for the second year this weekend. Thank goodness the rain will be done by then although we will have brisker temperatures which makes shopping more fun I think. Looking forward to seeing what all the talented dealers participating this year have up their sleeves. Good to catch up with some old friends that we used to see often at Lakewood. I'm certain it won't disappoint ~ inspiration in wheelbarrow fulls!

Come by and visit Vintage Village this weekend after the fair. We're open 10-6 Monday through Saturday with a special Sunday opening 12-6 p.m. October 23. We enjoyed meeting everyone last year in town for the fair and look forward to seeing them again this time.

back to that list...

♥ one vintage hag

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