Sunday, October 23, 2011

Country Living Fair Atlanta ~ Delightful!

Was delighted to be able to attend Country Living Fair Atlanta on Friday.

Was filled to the brim with inspiration and great to see some of our over the top talented dealer friends.

The Tattered Cat's spot pictured above was heaven.

Deborah had so much eye candy... I think she had been sewing for months non-stop.

The Painted Fern - Jocelyn's booth was terrific as usual and she always has the best smelling potpourri.

Sassy Trash - Nancy was incredibly busy. Her booth amazing!

We caught sight of her but her booth was covered with customers so not even a chance to say hello.

My Sisters Antiques with My Vintage Heart was splendid.

Both the pictures above are from their space.

Got the cutest little feather tree that is burlap wrapped from Susan.

Pamela Hall is another local talent ~ interior seamstress extraordinaire.

She does the most incredible snow folks and even sells her pattern.

Was a delightful day spent with my friend "Esther Polyester" from Vintage Village.

Beautiful weather, infinite inspiration and of course we came away with quite a few pretties.

"Esther" even won a gigantic wreath from Celebrating Home...

There are tons of pictures I haven't gotten to ~ so I'll have more from the County Living Fair coming soon.

For now, a special opening Sunday at Vintage Village so I'm off to work...

♥ one vintage hag

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  1. Our dearest Sebastian and Sadie, Thank mew (and your meowmie) so very much for thinking of me and bringing me treats AND a nice sweet note!!! "She" said it has been a long time since seeing your Mom and was so pleasantly surprised to learn that you the three of you have been lurking at my blog. Next time, please do stop in and I'll be sure and have some dog treats for YOU! Thanks again for stopping by and also for mentioning our space the the show :) You guys are the best!!!!!


    Romeo and "her"