Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Few of Our Favorite Things...

I suppose no matter where you live some of the same favorites ring through in different seasons. In the South where we are some of our favorites are year long offerings that never seem to last too long at Vintage Village.

Our dealers search Antique Markets, Estate Sales, Thrift Stores and Auctions for these finds that are always popular and sought after by our valued customer.

Vintage Bling (shown above) can be used on everything from pillows to denim jackets.

They are also precious on pumpkins and holiday trees.

Sparkle they will no matter the time, but they seem especially fitting in the fall.

Old Vintage Bottles are always quick to sell in bunches. All shapes, sizes and colors

whether for use with a single posie, displayed empty or in odd numbered groups.

This reasonable item to collect always makes a statement.

Seasonal vintage finds are always on the top of our list at Vintage Village. Our valued customers adore them. Turkey platters and shakers, Vintage Christmas ornaments and Vintage Aluminum or Bottle Brush Trees, Old Valentines Candy Boxes. Offer such charm of days gone by and these sought after collectibles always bring a smile to our faces as

we reflect on days gone by.

Charming Silver and Quad Plate seems to be on everyone's list especially this time of year.
Beautiful in a display or impressive as just a single piece we all love the aged worn patina.

Mercury Glass is a personal favorite I use year round adding additional pieces especially during Christmas. I adore the sparkle and shine when mixed with well loved primitives, ironstone & transfer ware.

Mercury glass vases and candlesticks are amongst my top 5 list just because its so easy to change out the posies or candles being used in them for any season.

Baskets - any kind of old basket in any size.
Even rusty crusty locker baskets have become quick sellers as there are so many uses.
Everyone needs a good old basket or five.
I'm not a "less is more" sorta girl when it comes to things that have such high function.

Vintage Architectural pieces ~ chippy peely old ones!
How many do you have?
These one of a kind finds have a multitude of purposes and are sure to last forever.

I'm guessing we could list favorite things forever. What are yours?
There are so many items that so many seem to have on their "favorites list".

For me, some others that always make my heart beat a little faster and are always hard to
walk away from are Vintage Ironstone, Old numbers & letters, Matte White Vintage Pottery,
Seasonal Annalee's that were made in Meredith, Hew Hampshire, Vintage Needlepoint,
Well loved old textiles & quilts, Red & White Vintage Transfer ware.

Enjoy your "favorite things" and the search for them.

♥ one vintage hag

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