Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 ~ Happy Groundhog Day~!

Happy Groundhog Day~!

February 2 ~ Groundhog Day. Close to where we live General Beauregard Lee
makes his predictions early each February 2. Isn't his Southern Mansion charming?
A lavish addition to Beau's white-columned Southern mansion is another major surprise. He owns an architectural water fountain; a postal box; a granite monument; a monogrammed lawn marker, sundial, doormat and a satellite dish that allows him to watch PBS nature specials. He has further enjoyed a broad jump and high diving board which readied him for The Olympics. It is alleged that Beau’s Official Mansion also includes a laptop computer for his prodigious correspondence and a Wine Cellar to recover from the
labors of His National Holiday~!
General Beau did not see his shadow when he emerged from his mansion at 7:35 a.m.
in the rainy 40 degree Atlanta weather. An early spring~ Yippee~!
I'm already making plans for the 2010 Hag Patio where blooms will abound.
I can hardly wait to sit there sipping morning coffee,
watching the birds feast on breakfast & feeding the fish.
An early spring, how exciting~!
~one vintage hag

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  1. I'm siding with you and General Lee. My northern counterpart Pux Phil is calling for another 6 weeks of winter. I'm sticking with the General and say bring on the spring. Sea Witch