Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Snow in Atlanta ~ February 2010

Atlanta Snow ~ February 2010
Was working at Vintage Village yesterday afternoon when the snow began ~
beautiful white flakes that covered the tree's & surrounding roofs in no time.

The drive home was gorgeous ~ the park across from our home had snowy tree tips
with the grass a blanket of snow.

Simply tranquil...

The bluebirds were filling their little bellies with suet so they
would stay warm overnight.

The snow continued to fall for hours.

Our Winter Wonderland

This morning ~ Sunshine showcases the bright white surroundings.

Atlanta Snow... What a glorious picture.
4 -5 inches fell in our area.
Working today at the village ~ we are opening at lunchtime.
The promise of more winter snow, ice in Atlanta the next couple days.
Stay Warm & Safe.
~one vintage hag

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