Saturday, October 16, 2010

We have a wInNeR or two... Vacation Week Begins

We have wInNeRs...
Sebastian's Coloring Contest Winners were selected and
presented with
their special hAlLoWeEn treat bag.
Packed to the brim with Nerds, Fruit Roll Ups, Ghost Mallows
Ring pops, Peeps

Little 7 Ups & Root Beers even, gLoW in the dArK mice

In a special Spider Web bag...

Savannah & Camilla the winners paid a special visit to the Village on
Friday to receive their prize.
Along with a personalized note including puppy prints from the birthday boy himself
and a pretty picture for them to keep of Sebastian.

Both of their masterpieces are precious and will be displayed in the hag home a while
longer on the refrigerator (brings back so many memories having art work there)
Sebastian & Sadie can also enjoy looking at them ~ and, they do... trust me.
They both have the nosy gene.
cOnGraTuLaTiOnS Sweet Girls & Happy hAlLoWeEn!

A week of vacation to ready myself (and my findings) for the upcoming
Hags Holiday Open House
began today and of course, my favorite part "junkin" was the kick-off.
In orderly fashion while watching the Yankee's game last night (they won and kept me up late in the process) I completed my list of must haves for my search today.
Lakewood 400 bound early this morning I was able to come away with a mini-load.
Not one of my favorite places to shop ~ see, I was an original Lakewood gal ~ there every month, truck loaded every month, visits with my favorite out of town vendors every month and its still a missing piece of my heart to shop smaller markets in our area
that are just not the same.

That said, it was a pleasure to see Mike, Carolyn, JoAnn, Martha, Danielle, Jay & Lauri and the other vendors I purchased from who were all selling this weekend.
Great old rusty crusty chippy peely stuff ~ some pictured above but certainly not all.
Vintage Christmas corsages, green glass & even a vintage musical Santa ~ all lovely & packed with charm, a couple old metal staplers ( I still prefer using that type), a big bundle of ribbon & tea stained tags, a darling architectural piece that just right crusty, a fabulous surprise made from burlap that will be for sale and even a couple gifts for my buds.
It's too close to the Open House to show you everything ~there must be some secrets for the "big reveal" ~ November 17. I got the cutest thing for myself (which I don't do often) and yep, you'll want one too. Thank you, Chippy's Lauri ~ I will enjoy "it" all fall & winter.
Only one more shopping day at a favored "honey hole" planned for my week off ~ that will conclude the "frosting" necessary for my spaces for the upcoming holidays. I'll be hard at work all the other days ~ pricing, packing, polishing, painting, prepping
you know the drill. All those must do's.
I'll be checking in during the week for sure ~ there must be "break time" too!
Until then,
♥ one vintage hag


  1. Thanks Debbie for the shout out. So good to see you. I'm so glad you got one they are hard to come by. Lauri@chippys