Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lovely Fall Sunday...

Simply a lOvElY fall Sunday...
Delightful Cow Pumpkin as they are called ~ light orange in color with a
bit of shine & added bling
the perfect breakfast room centerpiece I'd say!

Note to self... "Sadie Belle" loves Fuji apples ~ oh, yea...
she definitely helped herself to an apple taking little mouse size bites right off
the bakers rack shelf. Smart little monkey has it situated right between the rack shelf so
she could take perfect little quite bites. yUmMy!

Can you see her eye peering up at the camera after she got caught eating her healthy snack ~
playing possum as if she's taking a nice Sunday nap in Daddy's chair?

Sebastian on the other hand... the "perfect" Son. Is indeed napping ~
he never does anything mischievous. Nothing better than a productive day
at home ~ with laughs provided by the puppies.

Happy Sunday!
until next time... ♥ one vintage hag

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