Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gone to the Birds...

Gone to the Birds….
As I sit this morning sipping a cup of hot coffee I’d like to share with you
the joy of one of my hobby’s. I already hear the little peeps and chirps.
I filled the feeders with a new selection of suet and seeds earlier.
Not just in the winter, but year round I feed the birds.

This hobby is surely an entertainment asset that rewards you with many priceless hours of happiness and fulfillment from these feathered friends.
Winter is a great time to watch the different types of birds at the feeders.
Woodpeckers are busy eating mouthfuls of suet.
As the chirping and peeps continue…

I have a great resource close by ~ Wild Birds Unlimited. They have assisted in creating a space saving fence mount bird feeding station for my patio that enables me to enjoy the frenzy of feathered friends that visit constantly.

A mesh feeder for peanuts ~ a double suet/dough cage to offer this high energy treat during the winters cold months ~ a feeder for safflower seeds that the cardinals, nuthatch & titmice adore but squirrels don’t like~ a thistle seed cylinder for the finches ~

a feeder cup for grapes, oranges or even sunflower seeds.
Even a special place for the hummingbird feeder once the weather warms and they return.

Water is readily available from my patio pond ~
the fish don’t seem to mind when the birds land on the side for a little drink.
Remember, the little fish that occupy the patio pond ~
they are doing great in this cold weather.
Have even had some ice on their abode that a deicer melted.

Now, back to the birds… This winter I’ve enjoyed daily visits from nuthatches, wrens, finches (even gold finches), hairy woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers (they are both among my favorites to watch), black crowned chickadees, brown thrashers, cardinals (especially females), bluebirds that have actually enjoyed the fruit suet’s, a very large red bellied woodpecker, tufted titmouse and sparrows.

The birds that visit the feeders is different in the winter than in the summer ~ so, alternating foods helps to attract species that are not seen otherwise with traditional seeds.

Soon, it will be time offer meal worms for the busy nesting bluebirds. Nectar will attract the fascinating hummers. Fruits are also a favorite for many bird species so I will try grapes & oranges to see who stops by to feast on those.

Simple really, fascinating obviously.
Why not try a bird feeder in your yard the rewards far surpass the work.
I will continue to enjoy feeding my feathered friends with their appreciative
chirps, peeps & song.

~one vintage hag


  1. We feed the birds also & have the feeders outside the sunroom windows. Our birds are the same as yours & we feed much the same way.....
    Our furbabies spent hours watching the birds & "yaking" at them but the birds just go about their business paying the kitties no mind!
    Delightful post.....

  2. They are such wonderful little creatures aren't they. Such joy to watch. Sea Witch