Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

A holiday at the Village ~ a little shorter day (we are only open 10-4) so there's still time for a cookout and fireworks.

It's been a busy week - the start of a new month.  Hard to believe the year is half way finished and soon we'll be sharing post with harvest and holiday.  Gosh, where does the time go?

As a shop keeper I've never really had a problem working on a holiday. 
 We typically shorten the day by a bit so there is still time for family fun.  Always add a little something special for those that patronize our small business ~
 today free flags have been a big hit!

Tonight, BBQ ribs and watermelon for supper. Yum!

I had a few fresh Vintage Village pictures to share ~ before our talented dealers begin a redo with fresh offerings after their patriotic selections.  Next up... dorm rooms and college apartments.  We always love offering up ideas to students in their search the perfect multifunctional items since space is usually an issue ~ re purposing old into new.  Shabby wardrobes, tables & chairs, chest, end tables, desk, lamps, mirrors and the ever popular chippy windows have already started coming into the shop.

Vintage luggage is always fun and offers great storage in a pretty out of sight way.  Store
your sweaters, blankets, scarfs then use the stack of luggage pieces as a surface.  Trunks and foot lockers work well for students too and there are typically several to choose from @ the Village.


Old worn wooden boxes are also great for desk organization ~ we always have vintage door plates, door knobs, old sign letters & numbers so the sky is the limit with what you can create with a well loved box.  Great for the wall too and easy to hang.

Sweet chairs and chest in all sizes are always a must have especially for college apartments.  Love the bright stripes and distressed patina on the arms & legs of this one.

When your planning and shopping for a college apartment or dorm room
you'd be amazed how charming your
finished project will be using antique, well loved, unique, character packed pieces of the past. 

Enjoy this Independence Day!

  Hope its filled with some fun & family.
♥ one vintage hag

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