Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Picnic Basket is a Wonderful Thing...

Summertime is the perfect time for a Picnic...
As I begin planning how to fill my basket this afternoon for our Vintage Village Dealer Cookout I couldn't resist reminiscing about those childhood memories of picnics with my family. I remember a trip once to Callaway Gardens in my Dad's Volkswagon Van (do you remember those?). Amongst our plans for that overnight trip ~ a picnic in the gardens. My Mom had the coolest old picnic basket (note to self, ask her if she still has it) and it was full to the brim with assorted sandwiches, homemade potato & macaroni salad, deviled eggs, a homemade dessert of cookies and lemonade punch. My Nana's creation mixing fresh brewed iced tea with lemonade. Fresh squeezed lemons of course. Funny, what memories become the fondest once you grow up. I'm certain that my offerings today couldn't possibly taste as good as those my Mother offered in her picnic basket and I'm certain they won't be the same contents but I will be baking a dessert and a Fresh Vidalia Onion Casserole that David loves to top his hot grilled burger ~ we'll see how many follow his example this evening.
Tracey Buxton over at "Notes for a Cottage Industry" probably says it best
in her May 2010 post about her love for Vintage Picnic Baskets. We sell these often at Vintage Village ~ something I'm sure that brings out the child in all of us ~ those precious memories make for the just right reason to start a collection for your corner.

I simply love the charm of these old metal picnic baskets hinged lids and usual wood handles. They come in a variety of patterns, sizes and shapes. I have a few antique & junque loving friends that have outstanding collections ~ so when I visit, a pause to enjoy them all stacked as if ready to feed an army if they were all filled.

The older wicker picnic baskets are just perfect too.
The perfect little hideaway for cherished magazines, puzzle books or your sewing needs (not mine of course as I wasn't blessed with the needle & thread gift) and always readily available happy to be opened as I'm sure they all have been countless times in their lives.

A picnic basket is a wonderful thing... enjoying friends, fun & fabulous food
well now that is a wonderful thing too. Looking forward to our cookout picnic in honor of some of the most talented & creative antique and collectible dealers in Metro Atlanta this afternoon.

to picnics and their baskets...
♥ one vintage hag

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  1. I have 2 of these vintage metal baskets. I found them at a flea market & I love them!! I can remember my Grandmother packing our picnic baskets with food etc before we went to the cottage for the weekend!!
    Wonderful Memories!!