Monday, July 6, 2009

Wedding Week...

Lindsey & Steven
July 11, 2009

Around our home this week... it's all about wedding.
This Saturday our daughter Lindsey will marry Steven.
Excitement, nerves, final details, worries ~ why of course, I'm the Bride's Mother.

There is the most beautiful cake (not the one pictured).
There are the most wonderful food ~ Rehearsal Dinner & Reception.

There are Flowers ~ sweet smells & awesome colors (again, not the ones pictured).

There are cabins (yes, this is actually a picture of Lindsey's) where we will
rest, get ready & enjoy the company of family and friends for her big day.

There is a beautiful mountain setting ~ where she met Steven & where they will marry.

There is a breath taking place for the ceremony.
There is a hag ~ that happens to be the bride's mom ~
who is getting all those last minute
finishing touches ready.
Saturday ~ 6 days away ~ my list awaits.

Can hardly wait for pictures to share with you.
For now...
hair, nails, toes, dry cleaning, food, flowers, dresses,
tuxes, shoes, programs, cameras, friends, presents, surprises...
did I forget anything?
what are your fondest wedding day memories?
~one vintage hag


  1. Beautiful post and congrats Lindsey. I will be thinking of you mom while you watch your daughter marry. Bring lots of pretty vintage hankies to wipe your tears of joy away. Much love to you and Lindsey. Sea Witch

  2. Hope all goes well on this most special day!! Wonderful Memories will be made....

  3. Take lots of will be such a blur with the tears and all the love being shared.
    I know she will be a beautiful bride and I wish her and her fiance all the happiness in the world!

  4. OH me hag! This is the first time I've had a moment to sit down and catch up on your blog. I LOVE THE NEW BACKGROUND. Wedding day memories--I have so many but the most special one is the kiss that my sister-in-law gave me as she ushered me out of the dressing room to meet her husband/my brother, who gave me away. She passed away this year, on her birthday, Jan 26th. The moment was special--as if she was giving me the consent to that "rite of passage" from naive teenager to a wife. That is just one of many on my special day, 42 yrs ago! Best wishes to the bride and groom. The wedding is going to be "perfect". I just know it!

  5. Your blessings be showered upon this special moment & day forever more. TTFN~ Marydon
    PS Pop over for a visit

  6. congrats, MotherHag! I am sure you shed many tears. Can't wait to see the photos!
    I just love weddings!
    xo lulu